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Artists create memories stored in a painting forever.


Andrew McAnulty. 

I've been creating Art all my life, using a number of mixed media along the way even including wax to create my work 

which creates some stunning paintings, finally ending up with my chosen medium of pastels in 2018 specialising in Pet Portraiture, the subtleness of laying down your colours to create bold and 

clarity in an image is amazing. 

Having now in 2023 progressed onto having encompassed enough knowledge of my brush work and breaking free to paint 

any subject matter you require. 

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James Whistler.

''An Artist is not paid for his labour but for his Vision.''

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I enjoy adding a more painted approach using Acrylics on my canvas as after all it's a painting not a photo. 

Commission pieces, customized to your details. 

"An Artist is not paid for his labour but for his Vision." 


○ 2018. Specialising in Pet portraiture. Pet Portraits from your photos, Pastel painted to create a one of a kind piece of Art.

■ 2023 Onwards. Painting using many mixed media. A broader subject matter giving more variety and creativeness.

• Now with a unique understanding of paints & pastels debth and tonal qualities, using Earth’s colour palette to create your Masterpiece.

○ Please contact me if you are interested in a Commissioned piece of Art.

■ The subject matter is the choice for you.

• All I require is a photo or compilation to get started on your painting.

♡ Human Portraits are also welcome. I will require more time for this as to get it to the standards I adhere.

• The size of each piece will also determine the timscale of completion. 

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